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were pretty columbine. his entire package fell flat. >> congressman, you had a reading from the nra. you voted for reducing the waiting time for weapons from reduced to one day. do you think we are at a tipping point, but there'll be some kind of a seismic change? >> since the topic of politics, i would add a lot of people lately accredit 1993 crime bill for the reason republicans took a majority for the first time in 40 years and so it really has a lot to do with the politics. i'm very grateful to be at the university of chicago. only in chicago could use something called the nonpartisan and bipartisan center for apologies but david axelrod and rahm emanuel. >> is a whole different story. >> we have to come back with the bipartisan issue. >> and it's sure if he goes so far. the conversation has changed and i will tell you, this goes to a no care whether it's gotten discussion, fiscal discussion or anything else, at this moment in time you have republicans than i happen to be one of them with the ira they would be more than happy to sit down and begin to have a conversation about gu
, and those of us are fighting for this are going to spread the word to the corners of the country. nra members have been speaking out to get something done. these are good law-abiding citizens who want to hunt. they want to go duck hunting. and the guns that they use only allow three bullets. deer hunting depending on what state you are in allow five bullets. most hunters will tell you if you don't get it on the first try, you probably won't get it on the second one. yet we have these machines. we have a large magazines. they can take down 20 children in seconds. the only reason is that our first responders were there and the killer ended up taking his own life. some people will say that it still won't work. let me tell you why it will work. because if you don't have these guns and the large magazines on the shelves, they have done a terrific killings and wouldn't be able to go into a gun store and just buy them. they don't have the background to go and look to wear where the black market is to be able to buy these magazines and guns think of the lives that could be saved. a lot of peo
, but it's not what we need. comprehensive and federal approach. >> congress is counting on the nra? >> that's pretty clear. when you grow up, my friends, if they know the enemy or opponent with it. easy to say no to consistency of the other party but it's tougher to do such a thing. to a supportive. many people say, i don't agree with you, you're wrong on this issue and i think the nra is wrong when they say the answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. when they say that teachers should be carrying guns in the elementary schools. when they say that no new gun legislation is acceptable to them or very that is an extreme position and i would hope that there would be democrat and republican people that put him in the eye and say, i am sorry. i mostly agree with you, but you are wrong. vote against him. you know? i mentioned that i've looked right into the sunset, but not just yet. i still have a few months. i'd like to be able to continue public rights. i would rather be able to look them in the man. at the end, that is what we all have to be comfortable with. if you c
in virginia as well as out in colorado, sportsmens organization. hunters, gun owners, the nra. representatives of the video game and movie destroy. educators, retailers and public health officials. and as i said, i spoke to many of you in this room as well, along with the governors and the county executives. and no group was more consequential or instrumental in shaping of the document we put together for the president, than all of you in this room. to those conversations with you and other stakeholders, after literally hundreds of hours of work and research done by experts at the justice department and the department of homeland security and elsewhere, after reviewing just about every idea that had been written up, only to gather dust on the shelf, of some agency, in government, a set of principles emerged, that there was not universal agreement on, but overall whelming consensus on, and they were the foundation of the recommendations. if you'll permit me about another 10-12 minutes, i want to lay out to you what they are from the perspective of the president and me. the first foundational pr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4